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Friday, January 15, 2010

Zipper tote diapers bag & Floral Wallet

This measurement of this bag is 14"x 11". I used zipper for closure, it has four big pockets inside and two elastic pockets at the right and left-outer side. I used buttons that I got from Kelly and bought from Yoonie as an embellishment.

This fabric was Heidi Grace design and I bought from Kaklin.

This wallet I learn from Very Purple person. The instructions is easy to follow. The fabric from US too - bought from Spinningspool Shoppe.

All of these are for Intan. Congrats for her new born baby. Hope these things can make her more cheerful. Thanks a lot ^^


Ummi-Izah said...

assalamualaikum...lama tak gi jln2 blog kengkawan..cantiklah ayu ummi suka sgtt...

Sweetlilcraft said...

waalaikummusalam...thank you ummi :)

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