Thursday, August 6, 2009


Inside with 8 pockets

At the back of purse-zipper pocket to keep coins

This is my first attempt to sew a purse or wallet.
Its really difficult actually, especially during to sew on bulky area. It made the purse not really neat.
I also need to careful in arranging the pockets inside the purse. If not, it will fold together when we fold the purse.
I'll try and try again until I get something like this:-

Hopefully ^^
Wish me luck ~
Oh ya, that purse is for Na. Sorry na, I'll make better next time ^^ . xoxo ~


Yati said...

Cantik purse yang dijahit. Congratulations on the finish.

Wan Anis Sorfina said...

tahniah3! sgt kemas!

si kurus said...

wee wat wallet mmg mencbr sket.. skin kalo wat pon skt jiwa je slalu hee

Ayu said...

Yati-Ish, byk lagi kena perbaiki.

Wan- takde kemas sgt pun.

skin- Mmg susahkan wat wallet ni kan..sakit jiwa gak.hahaha :03

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