Monday, February 8, 2010


Fabrics againnn!!...'memang hantu tul, pantang masuk kedai kain'..hihi

I had something in mind what i'll doing with this fabrics but I'm also had a lot of fabbies that still in stock and still doing nothing on it.

Anyone if interested in these fabrics, email me ok. All these fabrics are Japanese cotton.

All are available in 1 meter only . But if you want more, I can restock it for you ^_^

Patchwork design in brown
RM22 (1 meter)

Roses in light brown (medium weight cotton)
RM20 (1 meter)

Pink Gingham
RM10 - 1 meter

Light Orange Gingham
RM10 - 1 meter

Anyone who want to made custom order from this fabric also can email me.
Thank you ^_^

1 comment:

Ummi-Izah said...

assalam ayu ummi nak yg patchwork yer

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