Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Make Over 2 in 1 Lampshade

A year my sewing don't have any clock. Selalu jahit sampai lupa pukul berapa..haha. One day, I have an idea. Actually, this clock already lost it hands because Amjad was pulled it out. But I'm still kept it at the store because I know it still can work. I love this 2 in 1 lampshade because it is a gift from my best friend on my wedding day. See..it 7 years old already but still can work.

So, what I do?? Jeng jeng jeng..below was a broken alarm clock. I take its hands out and put on my 2 in 1 lampshade..hehe. See above picture, my clock already have its hands ^^.

So now, I make over the lampshade  to get fresh look. What I did was I'm covered it with pink rose cotton and I used glue gun to stick the lace. Very simple right? :P

Here it is...taraaaaa!! Now my sewing room have a clock and romantic lampshade. So I know when I should stop sewing..hehe ^^.

Thank you everyone ^^!!

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