Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cotton Fabrics at Lilstore

My cousin was come back from Alexandria a month ago, before she come back here I ask her to buy some cotton fabrics. I got almost 11 lovely designs of cotton fabric in very reasonable price. They all 100% cotton fabric from Egypt.

But I thought I want to let go some fabrics. So here are 5 lovely designs cotton fabrics. They are suitable for all kind of handmade; dress, baby wears, pajamas, baby blanket and etc.  Please take a look and grab it quickly if you love it because it very limited quantity ^^. Please come and see at my Lilstore.

I also added non-woven interlining for sale. This is the material I used as interfacing in my bag making. It used to reshape and stabilize the bag. Beside that, it also can be used for tailoring needs and basic apparel. Please come and see at my LILSTORE for more detail ^^.

Thank you so much for your visit. Please come again ^^

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