Friday, October 22, 2010

I should decide this..


I was thinking....

Thinking that I should stop taking any custom order from now onwards.  Maybe just open for a few items only ~ I will decide about this later. But, confirm.. I don't want to take any custom order anymore.

The reasons why I'm stopped taking custom order because:

I need to release my stress on rushing doing all the custom orders.

I want to focus on ready made items.

I want to make something that come from my passions, my heart and my creativity not  just because I SHOULD do that.

Now, I'm looking forward for business which much more capable to increase my family income. Insya'Allah, moga Allah permudahkan segala urusan..Amin.

Terribly sorry about that. I'll finish up all remaining custom orders and hope all will be done by the end of this year or on January next year.

Any ready made items will be place at LILSTORE. Hope, you all willing to visit my humble lilstore ^^ and log yourself in which allows you to shop faster, track the status of your current orders and review your previous orders at Lilstore.

Please take you time to subscribe your email to Sweetlilcraft Collections, so you will automatically update about my crafts and new items. Thank you!! ^^


ct as said...

salam ayu...semoga dpt buat keputusan yg terbaik. Mmg amik tempahan ni kekadang membataskan kreativiti kita.. apa2 pun good luck Ayu.. ^_^

ayu said...

terima kasih kak..insyaallah, moga semuanya berjalan lancar :)

ainiayu said...

salam ayu...sama la ngan akk....akk mmg tk bape minat nk amik tempahan sbb nnt rasa cam terpaksa je buat....mcm yg ayu kata....buat something dr hati...itu kan lbh bermakna....pape pn all the best utk ayu....:)

ayu said...

salam kak, tulah ayu dah penat ambik tempahan. Betul kak, buat dr hati rasa lebih puas :)
terima kasih kak. all tha best utk akk gak :)

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