Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Bags

New design for tote bag, fabric from Michael Miller. I'm really love his bag. Maybe next time I'll make it one for myself ^^. I love the fabric too.

Granny bag from Japanese cotton fabric. These 2 bags were requested by one of my customer. This one for her mother.

My forth backpack. Pink Butterfly for Damia Humaira. All these bags, I make it in three days. Much more productive than usual, haha. (org lain buat lagi byk) "wink" ~*

Hope they are happy with their own bag. Thank you very much for all of you!! ^^


azleen said...

nak tanyer..back pack saiz untuk kindergarden ker? raper rm?

Ayu@Sweetlilcraft said...

rasanya kindergarden tak berapa sesuai. dia besar sikit, tuk sek rendah bolehlah. harga rm60-100 depend pada kain dan hiasan.

Anonymous said...

klau tote bag mcm ats skali tu how much? :) -hana,penang

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