Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exchange Link Everyone!!

Hi there!

I'm really appreciate if there is anyone who want to exchange link with this my humble blog. If any of you want to exchange link with me, please leave your comment below and give me your blog address and which part of your categories.


1. Crafters
2. Crafter Shops & Supply
3. Online Shop
4. Friends List

If you are not a part in those categories, never mind.. I'll create one for you ^_^.

Thank you.


NoEn said...

hi ayu, mau xchange link jugak la..nway sy mmg follow ur blog yg lg satu tu dr dulu lg..adore ur works sgt2..

feel free to visit my blog.
actually blog tu campur2 tp leh letak under kategori crafters kot..hehe

liza said...

hi.. saya liza dari anjungkraf. jemput la dtg ke blog..hehe

nizacraft said...

Dear SLC, Would like to exchange link with you too... The category...?? I would be in all category... ..

regards, niza

Tie said...

Hi, Ni kak tie dari Kaytieze Crafts.

Baru belajar buat felt crafts...

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